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Energy efficient homes cost much less to heat, cool and light, compared to your typical home.

15 years ago I moved into a leaky, poorly insulated home, and knew I had to make the house more efficient. After some major upgrades and some subtle changes, I cut my household energy use in half.

Sure, we did a few major upgrades along the way - new furnace, new windows, bedroom upgrades. But smaller things helped too - things as simple as understanding where our energy budget was being spent so we could cut out the big wasters.

This site is my way to share my knowledge about energy efficiency. I'll show you how to save energy and money, and still live comfortably.

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Over many years of energy efficient home upgrades, I've learned that a systematic approach works best. Start by carefully studying your energy use, to find waste. Then focus your savings on what gives the highest return on investment.

Only after you know where the savings are, should you start looking at efficiency upgrades.

By the way, avoid gimmicks like rubber dryer balls that claim to save energy, or devices that attach to your power supply and promise huge electricity bill deccreases. I not only don't push such products on my site, I go out of my way to expose them.

If you're looking for a place to start, I suggest my home energy saving information section. You might want to start with the page in there on creating your own energy saving plan. If you already know where you need to find savings - in your heating costs, your electricity bill, or specific areas of your electricity use such as cooling, appliances or lighting, click the circle at the top left to see the various main topics on these subjects for your starting point. Or read the blurbs below, which describe each section in a little more detail.

Home energy saving information: Basic ideas, motivation for saving energy, checklists and energy saving plans.

The energy saving household: Great ideas for a more energy saving household. Tips for your kitchen, laundry, home electronics, and other household energy uses.

Energy efficient lighting: Here are all the tips you need to make your home lighting as energy efficient as possible.

Home energy saving projects, from basement renos to attic insulation, can save you money. You can even get government grants to help cover the cost.

Energy efficient home heating: options range from a setback thermostat to a new furnace. Know your options so you can save on heat and live in comfort.

Energy efficient cooling doesn't mean the AC has to run all day. You can save with fans, window coverings, and a little common sense.

Saving electricity is easy if you understand your usage. With a few measurements you can tackle the big items that may be wasting up to 50% of your electrical bill.

Hot water heaters can dig into your energy bill - but careful choices in your hot water heater and habits can have a big impact.

Energy efficient vehicles can cut your travel costs, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, and make you healthier. Here are all the options.

Energy efficiency books: from simple do-it-yourself solar projects to complete guides on cutting household energy use. Buy and download instantly - full money back guarantee on most e-books.

Home energy efficiency questions - you asked and I answered! Questions I've answered on how to save energy - from Yahoo! Answers, Linked In groups, and from visitors to this site.

Contact us: Contact to let us know what you think of our site, to give your own energy saving tips, or to ask an energy efficiency question.

About me: A little bit about me, Robin Green, owner of Green Energy Efficient Homes - why I wrote this site, and how!.