I used to offer a free blog widget that reads your site’s RSS feed and displays a nice set of recent article summaries in a box down one side of your page. That was back when I used a website building product called SBI! to develop and host my website.

I haven’t used that widget, or maintained it, for several years, and most modern website publishing systems already do a much better job of providing widgets or plugins to do what my widget did, so I am no longer providing this widget. In fact, in late 2014 I moved my website from SBI! to WordPress because I found WordPress had so much more to offer in terms of free widgets and plugins for just about everything, was easier to use, way cheaper, and easier to use.

But since I get so many search hits on the article I thought I would put this page up to say, thanks for visiting, but sorry I can’t provide what you’re looking for. Perhaps you’re interested in saving energy? In which case take a look around my site!

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